Meet The BigRedDog Team


Brooks Clifford | Owner of BigRedDog Solutions

Brooks Clifford, Owner of BigRedDog SolutionsAbout Brooks: Growing up as a kid in the 90's I remember spending countless hours with my older brother designing and building websites for fun with platforms like Geocities and Anglefire. In 2002 my brother and I built our first e-commerce website which sold "virtual goods" or as we like put it: weapons and swords within a computer game. I was 15 at the time, my brother was 17 and ever since we started our first business, back in 2002, I knew I was meant to be an entrepreneur.

Web design is something that I continuously strive to become better at. I'm Google Analytics Certified, Google Adwords Certified and am currently working on being approved for my Google Partnership program. I read, blog and love talking to anyone who's interested in discussing websites.

Favorite Summer time activity: Taking road trips with the family & dog. This Summer we're hoping to make it up north to Brainerd and possilby out West to Idaho. 

Favorite restaurant in the Twin Cities: Quangs over on 26th and Nicolette.

One thing no body knows about you... until now: I enjoy performing magic tricks.

Jordan Schneider | Director of Development

Jordan About Jordan: A serial entrepreneur at heart, Jordan launched his first company at the age of 23, which grew into a three location service within five short years. He is always looking for outside the box solutions to empower any kind of business. With successful personal endeavors under his belt, ranging from local retail to global brands, Jordan has experience in launching and maintaining marketing campaigns, building startups, creating multi faceted business plans, and high-end account management.

Jordan has won numerous awards for his work, including Top 30 Business Owners under 30, presented by New York's former Mayor Bloomberg.

Favorite Summer time activity: Going for a run with my dogs.

Favorite restaurant in NYC: Literally any pizza place.

One thing nobody knows about you... until now: I participated in two amateur MMA fights.

Mike Lenoir | Lead Developer

Mike LenoirAbout Mike: My life has always revolved around computers and technology one way or another. My first exposure to computers resulted in me taking my parents desktop apart and then putting it back together. From there I was curious about how computers worked and started learning as much as I could about the topic. I later found my true calling creating graphics in Adobe Photoshop and I've never looked back. To this day I continue to enjoy learning about computers, graphics design, programming and the ins and outs of building a website. I feel very lucky to have a career doing what I love. 

Favorite Summer time activity: Enjoying the weather while grilling.

Favorite restaurant in Minneapolis: Olive Garden.

One thing nobody knows about you... until now: I love listening to classical music to relax. 

BigRedDog Solutions' Referral Partners


Ian Jura-Baum | Owner of IJB Creative Solutions

Ian JBAbout Ian: Ian has been a leader in the writing and wordsmithing sphere for over a decade, with no intention of slowing down. An expert in content marketing, his difference is the ability to write in the unique voice of his clients and their brands.  

Putting a premium on quality, he believes that every word written and message created should be thoughtful, interesting and effective, in equal measures.   Also the owner of his own PR & Messaging business, he loves providing BigRedDog with the kind of content that drives search engines and clients alike to each piece he puts out.

Favorite Summer time activity: It’s a tie: lounging in a hammock or being active somewhere green

Favorite restaurant in the Twin Cities: The Pilgrimage Café

One thing nobody knows about you… until now: I was fully ambidextrous until 4th grade, and I still tend to be equally “handy” today.

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